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GOIP Process

We connect “Challengers” such as organizations, government bodies, or any entity looking for solutions for their major challenges with “Solvers” such as network of experts, inventors, start-ups, etc. within and outside of the industry who can offer their innovations.

We will launch challenges proposed by challengers on our OIP website. Problem Solvers will submit their innovation and technical solution for the challenges and we will evaluate the solutions with respect to various parameters such as, but not limited to, challenge fitness, novelty, effectiveness, development level (TRL level), strategic relevance to Abu Dhabi and UAE, team expertise, Intellectual Property assets, market needs, business model, etc.

The submitted solutions will undergo multiple stages of screening and analysis by OIP analysts, experts, challenge owners, jury, etc. and will be supported either in the form of funding, co-developing, providing office space in Abu Dhabi, marketing, partnerships or providing expertise and resources, etc., as would be decided by the OIP team, challengers and other associated parties.



Businesses/organizations posts a challenge and becomes a Challenge Owner. The challenge is outlined in detail and a deadline for solutions is set by the Challenge Owner. This challenge goes into our Talent Hub.

Submit Solution

When the Challenges are published, Solvers start submitting Solutions for evaluation.


The Talent Hub applies its expertise to solving the challenge. Interested parties present their solution proposals. All proposals are rigorously assessed by our team of experts.


The Challenge Owner views proposals and decides which ones have potential. The GOIP team will be on hand to provide clarification and give opinions. They can contact the proposal owner(s) via GOIP and begin discussions and negotiations.


Once a proposal(s) is accepted, the challenge can be put out to investors to raise capital. Interested investors will be presented with the challenge and proposal, and funding rounds will begin.


Couple of additional steps to formalize agreement between stakeholders.


As a grand closure of the GOIP process, events are organized for additional promotion and networking.