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Telecommunication Open Challenge

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    GOIP Admin

  • Type of investment/award

    The submitted solutions will undergo multiple stages of screening and analysis by GOIP analysts, experts, challenge owners, jury, etc.

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Submission deadline

December 31, 2020







Challenge background

t is because of the Telecommunication industry that we are able to communicate with each other remotely and send and receive information. The term, as it suggests, means the exchange of information over significant distances by electronic means (wired and wireless) and refers to all types of voice, data and video transmission. Evolution of 5G and successful operation of 4G have played a vital role in information and communication technology.


- The application and documentations must be in English. - The applicant must fill out the entire form. Partially completed applications will not be accepted. - Only applications submitted through GOIP platform will be considered.

Business idea description

Present your business idea with all resources you find supporting in building strong Solution for this Challenge.

Requirements that need to be submitted

  • Market research

  • Customer personas

  • References

  • Technical documentation

  • Team members biographies

About evaluation process

The successfully submitted applications will undergo an initial compliance screening to shortlist applicants for interview stage. Interview takes place online with program Analysts. Instructions and guidelines will be circulated to shortlisted applicants before the interview week. Confirmation of interview date and time will have a deadline, any confirmation from applicant received after the given interview deadline will not be considered.

Submission deadline:

December 31, 2020