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Access of Quality Education at all levels to Everyone

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    Invertium Marketing Management LLC

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Challenge background

Many world governments struggle to expand basic education, but they also face the challenge to make sure the students stay in school long enough to acquire the knowledge that is needed in order to cope up with rapidly changing world. Around 103 million youth across the world lack basic literacy skill and among them 60 % are women. There is a need to do some significant steps to have a gender-equality in context to education system.


1. Inclusive- Solution should have local implementation and could be given to someone else the blue print to test in other community. 2. Unique- The solution must be unique with fresh approaches. 3. Solution Success Envision- Clear understanding of success and clear vision. 4. Social Impact- Solution should have potential to meet the needs of society and improve the lives of people.

Business idea description

1. Describe value proposition what benefits and value a customer or a value partner gain from the business model. 2. What Product or Service is offered? 3. Types of customers (B2B, B2C, B2G). 4. Market Segmentation- e.g. which age group will be targeted as customer.

Requirements that need to be submitted

  • Market research

  • Customer personas

  • References

  • Technical documentation

  • Team members biographies

About evaluation process

All the solutions will go through a comprehensive screening program. After an initial assessment by experts, the successful solutions are then interviewed by a jury with relevant qualifications and experience to decide who goes through to the final and who wins

Submission deadline: